Congratulations to Ekin. It certainly was A Beautiful Day!


Congratulations to Ekin on another successful concert at the Venetian in Macao. Wishing him a successful run in theaters for Once A Gangster, and once again we look forward to the DVD in the near future.


Wishing everyone a great Year of the Tiger, and a very special Valentine's Day.

祝你们新年快乐 和 情人节


Wishing Ekin, and all the visitors to this site the very best of the holiday season, and a healthy and prosperous 2010. 新年快乐!


Congratulations to Ekin on his successful "Friends For Life" Concert's and Album. Storm Warriors has had a successful run in theaters, and we look forward to the DVD in the near future.


Wishing Ekin a Happy Birthday and much success as he prepares to release a new album and perform in concert later this year.


Ekin 祝你身体健康工作顺利


This year will see the release of two more movies. Kamui Gaiden is expected to be released on September 19, 2009 and The Storm Warriors on December 17, 2009


Today sees the general release of Ekin's latest movie Claustrophobia. Everyone here hopes the movie will be successful.




Wishing everyone a spectacular year of the Ox.



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